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About me

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A little bit about me

I was born in Caracas. Venezuela, in October of 1979 and I currently live in South Florida.

I feel the photography as peace and I pursue the good vibes in each session. My perfect photo is that which surprises me when I review the camera and observe that the light, the colors and the sublime essence. They decided to give their soft, inexplicable touch and I was lucky to be there.
I am surprised by the power that is in a click, where time and words seem to give up their power and let everything flow in a unique way.
As a professional photographer and as a person I am governed by certain values that have helped me throughout my life.

Photography and me

Photography has been part of my life since I was just a child, in one way or another I was introduced to this world. Until becoming a professional photographer.
Life gave me the great gift of being able to study the technique behind magic and so little by little I am perfecting a passion, that despite my 7 years of professional adventure, it does not stop teaching me and surprising me. That's why I consider myself an eternal student of light and forms.
With each session I learn to understand the language of the soul in a portrait and the language of the eyes in a click. When the words disappear, the whole contour begins to communicate, the light speaks, the looks, the skin, the shadows and when you start to listen and observe, you notice everything that surrounds you.
Count on me for any project.

Our Work
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