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Conocer las partes, características y parámetros de una cámara digital es la primera e imprescindible tarea que todo fotógrafo amateur necesita aprender. De lo contrario, será difícil poder ejecutar un buen trabajo. En el caso de los parámetros, hablaremos brevemente de cuáles son. Y de qué debemos tener en cuenta a la hora de trabajar la



 From an optical point of view it is called focusing to match the rays of light reflected by the object or objects to be photographed with the focus of the lens. In a digital camera the focus is the sensor. From a more practical point of view, it can be said that to focus is

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Concept of artistic photography

Many talk about photography itself is an art. It is said that the photographer is the one who makes sense that he is in contact with the visual culture, and that the reproduction in his photographs, as the etymology indicates, "writes with light". Photography as an art has become one of the most popular fields

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Photoshop Versus Lightroom

If you’re new to photography, you’re likely wondering how to post-process or edit your photos. There is a wide selection of photo editing software to choose from, but the two that you probably hear debated the most are Adobe Photoshop versus Lightroom. So what are the main differences and which program is best for beginners and

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How to Photograph Flowers

Flowers are fantastic subjects when it comes to photography. With such a wide variety of hues, shapes and species, they provide a great selection of unique compositional opportunities to nature and landscape photography enthusiasts. There are a few helpful techniques worth trying when you are experimenting with flower photography. One idea is to try macro photography. Macro photography is

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Ángulos de la fotografía

Conoce los distintos ángulos para captar una buena fotografía: Cenital: Muy usado en producciones cinematográficas o tomas desde helicóptero. Picado: Este punto de vista tiende a disminuir el peso visual de los sujetos u objetos fotografiados. Normal: Da la sensación de estabilidad y se ha de hacer siempre a la altura de los ojos. Contrapicado:

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visual texture

The visual textures generate the sensation of being touching what we are seeing  To achieve this type of photo is recommended:  - Approach the texture well with macro lens, with a telephoto lens or physically approach - Illuminate it with sidelight to generate volume - Work with a lot of depth of field to see

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